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2015 Hawks & Hawgs Scavenger Hunt



The 2015 Hawks & Hawgs Scavenger Hunt was held at

Jim Hamilton/LB Owens Airport in Downtown Columbia, SC

on April 18 (Hawgs) and May 2 (Hawks rain date), 2015.


The event was a "Hawks & Hawgs" version of the Scavenger Hunt we had held for the past two years. 


This year, bikers (Hawgs) competed with pilots (Hawks)

to see who could raise the most money for Camp Kemo.


Each Hawg team had a list of clues that could be found in and around the downtown Columbia area. 

They had 2 hours to locate sites, take pictures or video,

and return to the Airport.
On the Hawks side, pilots and crew would choose 10 clues to random checkpoints and plan their flights. 

They had 1.5 hours to locate and document as many

checkpoints/clues as they could and land back at KCUB.


Lake Greenwood B25C - GF2...


A commissioned work...


June 6, 1944

Col. Dan Rossman’s account of the downing of GF-2

in Lake Greenwood, South Carolina


The South Carolina Historic Aviation Association had an oral account

of Col. Rossman's experience on that day. 

Armed with that account and some still pictures,

this video was made for SCHAF in 2015

to explain the importance of the GF-2 restoration project.


A Ride with the Blue Angels...


A commissioned work from 2015...


John Bettis' son, Steven, was honored to be invited to ride

in the back seat with the Blue Angels during a training mission.


While his Dad was filming from the ground,

cameras were also rolling from the aircraft

and from a HUD camera. 


All these bits of film were coordinated to present a video

with multiple POVs.


2008 David Clifton Memorial Ride...


A 2015 commissioned work from photos of the 2008 event...


Sponsored, in part, by Carolina Honda of Columbia, SC,

this was a fund-raiser and toy collection for Camp Kemo

in honor of motorcyclist David Clifton -

who was killed in a hit and run motorcycle accident.


The event was held June 8, 2008.

Columbia Starriders Chapter 124 played a major role in the event.


2014 Hamilton-Owens Palmetto Cup...


The 2014 Hamilton-Owens Palmetto Cup

and Earl Yerrick Memorial Static Display

held at Owens Downtown Airport in Columbia, SC

on April 12, 2014.


Calhoun Academy 6th Grade Retrospective - Class of 2019...


A commissioned work from 2013.


This is a retrospective put together for the 6th Grade Graduation CLass
at Calhoun Academy in St. Matthews, SC. 

I lived with the 2-dimension versions of these kids and teachers
in the week it took to put this together -
so it was nice to finally meet the 3-dimension versions
when the vid was shown at the Graduation reception.


Turtle Up...


June, 2013.

A 'stray' turtle that lives in the back yard

It comes up to the back porch to eat leftover cat food...

2013 Hamilton-Owens Palmetto Cup...


The 2013 Hamilton-Owens Palmetto Cup

and Earl Yerrick Memorial Static Display

was held at Owens Downtown Airport in Columbia, SC

on April 6, 2013.


MB Hardee Airpark Promotion Video...


A commissioned work from March, 2013.


This is a promotional video for Myrtle Beach Hardee Airpark near Loris, SC. 


It contains footage from Hardee, the SCBC,

and programming provided by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Chief Jim Anderson, Jr. Swearng In...


The swearing in of Jim Anderson, Jr

as Chief of Police for the town of Pine Ridge, South Carolina.
May 17, 2011.

Funeral of Mary Rucker

July 10, 2010...


Taken at the request of the family.

I think they appreciated it...

The Trail to Eagle...


A commissioned work from 2009.

This is a tribute by Department of Revenue co-worker, Nancy Wilson,

to her son, Christopher, for earning the privilege

of being named an Eagle Scout.

2009 Pine Ridge Festival...


Shot on September 11 and 12, 2009.


This is the annual Fall festival held in Pine Ridge, South Carolina.

Too bad they stopped doing it because it really was kinda cool...

Aprile Chapman Benefit Ride...


On March 16, 2009, Aprile Chapman found out she had

Stage 4 Melanoma of the lung and intestines.

The Backstreet Bar and Grill held a benefit ride for Aprile on June 13, 2009.
The benefit earned well over $15,000!

Aprile passed in 2010.

2004 Crawfish Boil...


The annual crawfish boil at Kevin Blase' house.


This was my second effort at doing videos

and the first one using Photo Story 3.
It was inspired by someone at the party

asking if I was shooting a documentary.


Oh, how far we've come...

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