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March 5, 2018


The South Carolina Breakfast Club was in action at East Cooper/Mt. Pleasant/Low Country Regional Airport (pick your favorite name) on March 4, 2018.


No, this was not Groundhog Day! We really did meet again at East Cooper after having just met there last November 12. A bit of a schedule change this year brought us back early to the good folks down at Mount Pleasant - and we came in like gangbusters! Great weather (for a change) brought in over 40 airplanes - with around 13 or so who had never flown in to one of our events. Roger Blackman presided over events and awarded hats to our furthest travelers and to our youngest student pilot. The ball was signed and the lottery yielded a pot worthy of a trip to anywhere but Walmart. It was a classic SCBC meeting to be sure. Many thanks to everyone at Mt. Pleasant who made this a great way to spend a Sunday morning!




One of the pleasures we have in life is the privilege of taking care of a feral cat colony at the South Carolina State Museum and EdVenture. We have been feeding the cats there since before 2007.  We named two of the most prominent male members of the Colony “Big O” and “Pippie”.  O and Pip were always together.  If you saw one alone, the other was guaranteed to be somewhere nearby.  We described them as “the old married couple”.  Those two, plus their Daughter, Grey, made up the core of the Colony of approximately 20 cats.


All that was forever changed on January 16 when “Big O” crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


O had been sick for a couple of months.  We are fortunate to have several folks from DHEC looking after the cats during the day – and it was those folks who alerted us just after Thanksgiving that O looked down and was not eating much.  We managed to get him to a veterinarian and return him to the Colony within a few days.  The troublesome part was that he had tested FIV positive.  While FIV is not an immediate death sentence, in the case of a feral, time is not on their side. 


We and the DHEC folks kept a close watch on him and did our best to provide good food, shelter, and a warm bed.  Sadly, he started to deteriorate at the beginning of the year and was found on a Museum sidewalk the morning of January 16.  We had him cremated and sprinkled his ashes on a hill in the place where he, Pippie, and Grey were always found sunning themselves.


This has been extraordinarily difficult not only for Stoney and me, but for the folks at DHEC (who I understand are many) and also the folks at the State Museum (who have a funny story to tell).  Seeing Big O and Pippie every day gave people a sense of constancy.


We now have to work thru our grief and make certain that Pippie, Grey, and the other members of the Colony are well cared for – in honor of the man, Big O. 



While it is called "City of Cayce House of Cats", it is mainly a repository for the many videos I've been privileged to make over the years.
Click on one of the links below. The range of subject matter is broad - from birth ("Katelyn's Christmas 2009") to death ("Mary Rucker's Funeral").
I was inspired to do these when a co-worker put together a goodbye video for someone who was leaving DOR. She used Microsoft's Movie Maker. It was brilliant!
My first video, also using Movie Maker, was a submission to Workman Publishing's 365-Cats-a-Day calendar for 2005. It is the only one using that software.
Until the advent of Windows 7 and a video card upgrade earlier this year, all my videos were made using Photo Story 3 as a base.  It is a free download from Microsoft and is a little easier to use than Movie Maker. 

Time marches on; however, and that video card upgrade forced a change to PS3.  All slide-show components of these videos (since Spring, 2016) are now generated thru Photo DVD Slideshow from Anvsoft.  Not freeware, but the price is nominal given that it performs just like PS3.

The slideshow portion of the videos is generated as HD Video (mp4) files and are imported to Nero for setting up the menu and to generate the final video.  Additional video can also be included - such as from a digital camera or drone footage - or honest-to-goodness video tape - as I did for a birthday present ("Cameron Blake Marlow").  
If you like what you see here and would like to have a video done, please contact me and we'll see what can be arranged.


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