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The South Carolina Breakfast Club was in action at Holly Hill Airport on May 21, 2017. 


While the skies over Holly Hill were clear(ish), a fog bank at Orangeburg and lots of messy weather headed in our direction kept our flying numbers down to 7. Those 7, plus those of us who drove in, enjoyed breakfast prepared by the Holly Hill chef staff.


Not only that, but there were brand new SCBC t-shirts available! The folks at Holly Hill plan to send t-shirts out to FBOs so they will be available for purchase around the state. Cool? I thought so...


Thanks to Larry Gardner and the good folk at Holly Hill for having us in, to Mike and Deedee Kullenberg for running the lottery, and to Roger Backman for standing in as MC while Gerald was stuck under low skies in Twin Lakes...



While it is called "City of Cayce House of Cats", it is mainly a repository for the many videos I've been privileged to make over the years.
Click on one of the links below. The range of subject matter is broad - from birth ("Katelyn's Christmas 2009") to death ("Mary Rucker's Funeral").
I was inspired to do these when a co-worker put together a goodbye video for someone who was leaving DOR. She used Microsoft's Movie Maker. It was brilliant!
My first video, also using Movie Maker, was a submission to Workman Publishing's 365-Cats-a-Day calendar for 2005. It is the only one using that software.
Until the advent of Windows 7 and a video card upgrade earlier this year, all my videos were made using Photo Story 3 as a base.  It is a free download from Microsoft and is a little easier to use than Movie Maker. 

Time marches on; however, and that video card upgrade forced a change to PS3.  All slide-show components of these videos (since Spring, 2016) are now generated thru Photo DVD Slideshow from Anvsoft.  Not freeware, but the price is nominal given that it performs just like PS3.

The slideshow portion of the videos is generated as HD Video (mp4) files and are imported to Nero for setting up the menu and to generate the final video.  Additional video can also be included - such as from a digital camera or drone footage - or honest-to-goodness video tape - as I did for a birthday present ("Cameron Blake Marlow").  
If you like what you see here and would like to have a video done, please contact me and we'll see what can be arranged.


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