Charlene Anderson's 50th Birthday


A commissioned work from 2010,

this was done for the 50th Birthday of my sister-in-law, Charlene Anderson.

It is one of the longer videos I'd done to that point

and, frankly, one of the hardest.

Two issues:
1) there were to be no pictures that showed her ears;
2) since many of the pictures were over 30 years old,

there were color balance problems.


Many hours of Photoshop were required to get it right -
so any hours, in fact, that this video actually qualified

to have a "Blooper Reel" made from it.

Charlene Anderson's 50th Birthday -

The "Blooper Reel"


A short video showing the magic of Photoshop

when you have to cover ears and

do a little color correction...

Cameron Blake Marlowe's 2010 Birthday


A commissioned work from 2010. 

This was a birthday gift to Cameron from his mother Candy.

John Anderson's 33rd Birthday


A 2007 commissioned work.
A majority of the pictures used were fom

his Grandmother Freda's (my Mother's) estate.
I think she would have enjoyed it...

Regina Lake's Daughter's 2007 Birthday


A commissionied work from 2007.

This was a birthday gift from Regina Lake to her daughter, Ashlyn.

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