Chief Elizabeth Wright - June 2008


A commissioned work.

Liz was the Chief of Police in Pine Ridge, SC.
The interesting part was figuring out the time progression of the pictures.
I think I did ok...

Barbara Busbee - Spring, 2008


A commissioned work.

Barbara was a long-time employee of the Department of Revenue.

Burnie Maybank Farewell - 2005


A commissioned work.


Burnie was the first head of the South Carolina Department of Revenue

as a State Agency.

About 95% of the pictures used were scanned photographs.
The newspaper headline graphic was made with Movie Maker,
and snapped for the beginning.

William Brantley - August, 2005


The first video where the subject was NOT my cats.

William was a good friend.

I wanted to do something special for his retirement party.

This is also the first video that contained "Special Effects".

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