A Memorial to "Big O"



One of the pleasures we have in life is the privilege of taking care of a feral cat colony at the South Carolina State Museum and EdVenture. We have been feeding the cats there since before 2007.  We named two of the most prominent male members of the Colony “Big O” and “Pippie”.  O and Pip were always together.  If you saw one alone, the other was guaranteed to be somewhere nearby.  We described them as “the old married couple”.  Those two, plus their Daughter, Grey, made up the core of the Colony of approximately 20 cats.


All that was forever changed on January 16 when “Big O” crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


O had been sick for a couple of months.  We are fortunate to have several folks from DHEC looking after the cats during the day – and it was those folks who alerted us just after Thanksgiving that O looked down and was not eating much.  We managed to get him to a veterinarian and return him to the Colony within a few days.  The troublesome part was that he had tested FIV positive.  While FIV is not an immediate death sentence, in the case of a feral, time is not on their side. 


We and the DHEC folks kept a close watch on him and did our best to provide good food, shelter, and a warm bed.  Sadly, he started to deteriorate at the beginning of the year and was found on a Museum sidewalk the morning of January 16.  We are having him cremated and intend to sprinkle his ashes on a hill in the place where he, Pippie, and Grey were always found sunning themselves.


This has been extraordinarily difficult not only for Stoney and me, but for the folks at DHEC (who I understand are many) and also the folks at the State Museum (who have a funny story to tell).  Seeing Big O and Pippie every day gave people a sense of constancy.  We now have to work thru our grief and make certain that Pippie, Grey, and the other members of the Colony are well cared for – in honor of the man, Big O. 

Our 2017 Christmas Card...



Double Trouble!

(Frito and Bandito)

Our 2016 Christmas Card...



Includes an adaptation of "Caring for Feral Cats"
by Zhachariah Atteberry

as a tribute to the Feral Cat Colonies at the State Museum and EdVenture...

Our 2015 Christmas Card...


Includes a re-fitted version of "Feral Cats"
by Rich Hanson

as a tribute to the State Museum Feral Cat colony...

Tres Amigos and Little Señorita...


These kittens were born on July 5, 2015

after we trapped their VERY pregnant mother

at our feral colony on July 4.


This video was taken on August 18.  The kittens are 6 weeks, 2 days old.


The Mother and two of the kittens were adopted to a farm in Santee.

We kept the two twins - Frito and Bandito.


2003 - April 24, 2015


My Memorial to Hallie -

one of the most unique individuals I have ever known...

Our 2014 Christmas Card...


Includes a paraphrase of Wild Cats by Michael Goettee

as a tribute to our colony of "Wild Cats" at the State Museum...

Our 2013 Christmas Card...


Includes a rendering of Thoughts of a Feral by Annette Easdon

as a tribute to the State Museum Cat Colony.

Our 2012 Christmas Card...


Includes an adaptation of A Taker-In of Stray Cats by Darlene Goff

as a tribute to the State Museum Cat Colony.

Peachfuzz and Company...


We found three kittens in our back yard May 2012.


We hoped to keep them until they were grown enough

to be spayed/neutered and taken to the farm.


In the meantime, we enjoyed kitten antics.


They're still here...



In 2012, Cheezefriend Straycatz found a video tape from 1996

that captured her then kitten, Snoopy, hiding in a flower pot.
She asked me to set it to "Peter Cottontail".

Our 2011 Christmas Card...


Our 2011 Christmas Card.

It contains a tribute to all 4-footed "Little Hooligans" everywhere.

A Tale of Two Kitties...


Cheezefriend Straycatz asked me to make another video for her in 2012. 
This one is of her cats Misty and Snoopy playing with their favorite toys

and celebrating "Kitty Christmas".

After Six Weeks...


Made October 23, 2011, 

this is a follow-up to the video made September 6, 2011
of the cat colony at the State Museum.

The Gang of Six...


Made October 17, 2011,

this is the October 9 litter at 8 weeks. 
Of course, we had to keep them until they were old enough

to be spayed and neutered before they go out to the farm -

which meant the middle of January, 2012. 
Needless to say, they went nowhere since we gave them names -
Blackie, Jr, Arabella, Amelia, Lindberg, Doolittle, and Jacqueline ("Jackie").

6 Kittens...


Made October 9, 2011, this is a litter of six kittens

when they were about 7 weeks old.

These are kittens born to a mother cat that belonged to a neighbor. 
They were in a pasteboard box on her front porch.

As soon as they were weaned, the mother cat moved them to our back yard. 
The neighbor couldn't take the kittens in, so we kept them -
with the intention of re-locating them to the same farm
that houses the re-located ferals from the State Museum.


(yea...right...they're going to the Farm...)

For Cheezefriend "Tookat"...


A video put together September 2011 for Cheezefriend Tookat -

who was diagnosed with Stage 1 Endometrial cancer.


I found a piece written by Nelson Mandala,

added some music and LOLCat pictures,

and sent it to her as a little "get well" message. 

Cheezefriend "Straycatz" Feral Colony...


A 2011 video of the feral colony maintained by Cheezefriend "Straycatz".


She has four in her colony at her home in Georgia.

They are Eeny (Eeny Bean), Meeny (Sphinxy),

Miney (Money Boy), and Moe (Lil Moe).


When she saw the story of our colony at the State Museum,

she asked if I could pull together a video of her colony.


She sent me the disc from her camcorder as well as a few still photos

and this is the result.


What, you may ask, is a "Cheezefriend"?

She is one of several folks I've met at a humor site called


The site has pictures of cats with funny captions and has

a growing social network of people who like cats.


It is also responsible for perpetuating

a type of pidgin language called LOLSpeak -

a language believed to be spoken by LOLCats.


The Bible is currently being translated into LOLSpeak

by the LOLCat Bible Translation Project.

After the First Night Back Home...


We are always concerned for the ferals after they are returned to their colony.

This is actually on September 5, 2011, after Little Grey's second night. 
The first night was very rainy and only Mama Kitty

showed up at the feeding station.

Returning Little Grey...


Returning Little Grey to the State Museum cat colony September 3, 2011.

Returning Mama Kitty...


Returning Mama Kitty to the State Museum cat colony August 28, 2011.

Stripe and His Bean...


Pinstripe saving the world from a maurading string bean in 2011.

...more at eleven...



Priscilla and Her Milk...


April 13, 2011.

This is Priscilla with her very first bowl of milk.

She got more on the floor and on her face than in her.


Bathtime for Brothers...


February 1, 2011

This short video is of brothers Carmine and Ernie III giving themselves a bath.

2010 Christmas Card...


A video version of the Christmas Card we made and sent out in 2010.
It contains our first tribute to the cat colony at the State Museum.

2008 Kitty Christmas...


Made in 2008 as a "Secret Santa" gift for a friend.

2006 Cat Calendar Candidates...


Our entry to Workman Publishing's 365 Cats a Day Calendar for 2006.


Halloween 2006...


A short video of two pictures of our cats taken on Halloween 2006.


Memorial to Ernie II...


Created July, 2005

...back from the archives...

Ernie II passed away unexpectedly in June, 2005, of a parasitic blood disease.

This is our memorial to him...


2005 Cat Calendar Candidates...


Our entry to Workman Publishing's 365 Cats a Day Calendar for 2005.
This was my very first video effort.


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